Sunday, November 9, 2008

Recap on the week...

I think this was the roughest week in awhile - good that there hasn't been as many downs! It made me glad that life outside of school has been so good - it balances the rest. Anyway - school got interesting this week with report card drama, parent letter drama, font drama, pay check drama, George Washington drama - all kinds of interesting kids seemed to think the answer to everything was George Washington - that was NOT amusing after the 4th kid had said it and we weren't even doing History yet!! Don't ask - I don't know! Thankfully the kids and I have gotten into a good routine and that was just an off day :) We started doing table marbles and that's been a GREAT incentive for them. I think everything has gotten fixed with all the other drama, but there always seems to be surprises here, so we'll see! I had parent-teacher conferences which went well for the most part. I had some parents that were a bit shocked by them...but I was glad to say that all the kids have been improving and grades should reflect that next quarter if we keep up the hard work. I think the biggest hit was that almost every single parent LOVES the snuggle bags the kids get to take home for the weekend if they turn in their homework on time. (thanks again Mom for sending them!) Although I was a sucker this weekend and they all got one since it was along weekend :) The parents and kids are so excited about the books and stuffed animals - it reminds me again how thankful they are for so little - it makes me wish I could do more for them just to see some of their reactions. Rocky was a great translator, by the end I was sure he could have done it on his own! All in all everything went well which was a relief - 3 more report cards and one more set of conferences to go! Sunday we went bowling with Lori and the kids, Dennis and his mom, and some high school boys that were staying with Lori for part of a cultural exchange. The whole afternoon and evening was fun including all 12 of us at dinner! We had lots of laughs and it's a nice way to wind down a weekend. We have Tuesday off for Veterans Day (yes it's odd to have a day off in the middle of the week, but we take what we get!) We need to go get our re-entry stamp for when we go to Thailand...might get to the laundry mat to dry our much to big clothes along with a few other things! It makes it almost like having a 3 day week which is kind of fun! Please keep the school situation in prayer - there's been a lot of stuff going on that's beyond our control but still effects our day to day lives. Small things I'm thankful for: chicken enchiladas in my adorable ceramic cookers, Sunday School (and spice cake), pumpkin bread from one of Adrienne's parents, unexpected hugs, a surprise treat of Skittles in the mail from Kim (a good end to a bad day!), yummy croutons on my dinner salad, Adrienne cleaned the bathroom

I wanted to do a good sweep of the classroom before kids thought it was HILARIOUS to be squished up front while they did their math page and I swept :)

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