Sunday, November 9, 2008

Heji Falls...OOOPS, nope!

Well, we set off for the long trek up north...yes it's not that far, but 2 hours in the car with 8 people is a bit long :) I'm losing perspective about being in a car for any length of time since everything is relatively close compared to LA :) Anyway - Rocky, Lori, Adrienne, Rachel and I along with Dennis (one of my students), Carolyn, and Izzie set off for Heji Falls on Saturday. We finally pulled in and discovered that even though it was supposed to be reopened, it wasn't! We drove a few minutes back to another waterfall that Rocky knew (thank goodness for him or who knows what would have happened!) It had been raining off and on the whole drive up but thankfully it had stopped for the most part (not that the rain is cold here usually!) We turned the seats all around in the van and dug into our bentos we had bought on the way ($4 lunch and I was full with enough to share) We ate and visited for awhile before we all peeled of our shoes and socks to go wading through the river to the waterfall. We plan on going again - but with watershoes! My feet hurt a little but we had so much fun it was easy to ignore! Dennis and I were on the fast track ahead of the rest of the group. We picked our way through the rocks and managed to not get too wet until Dennis slipped in the water towards the end of the trip (he was fine and the kids ended up swimming at the end anyway!) We had such a good time walking and talking - we were making up stories about if the rocks were turtles or crocodiles, or koala bears or a dozen other things :) We didn't get to the big waterfall because there's no way to cross the last bit unless you swim or have time! It was a really fun trip - a must do again!

Dennis and Izzie and the beginning of our walk

I'm getting pretty good at the self portraits :)
Izzie kept insisting on picking up rocks along the way back - this one got the best of her and she ended up sitting in the water - I cracked up and she still wouldn't let go off the rock till I took a picture!
The kids in the "swimming hole"

The whole gang (minus Rocky the photographer!) and some Japanese ladies we met on the way

Dennis and I were the first ones to the end
The BIGGEST snail I've EVER seen

Photo session on the way :)
Rocky, Rachel, and I all managed to stay dry the ENTIRE time!! We got awards for being the driest (Caroline snuck in the dry people picture and was getting Rocky wet!!)

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Cheryl said...

I'm so glad you had a good weekend in spite of the week! This looks like a very fun trip and I look forward to seeing pictures of next time! Love you and miss you!