Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tokyo Disney and Disney Sea

I have to admit I was most excited about Disneyland and Disney Sea...I know, how uncultured of me! But it was as close to home as I can get in Japan....but still SO different! We took the subway on Friday to Disneyland to get the Twilight ticket at 6pm (much cheaper so we could get a taste of both parks! no park hopper tickets here)

Subway stop for Disney!
Walking up to the entrance...hey we have visas too!

Disneyland entrance
We're standing in line with the 100's of people that came for a Friday night and we see these little ears all over...they're clips instead of hats or headbands - I was fascinated!

I wanted Adrienne to pretend I was taking her picture so I didn't look like a stalker, she got in the way of the ears though...

Christmas at favorite (I've never seen it indoors before though!)

Even Autopia is very Japanese with the steering wheel STILL on the wrong side :( I was disappointed

Stitch is HUGE in Japan...only here would you have the Tiki room in one of those buildings...
The castle all dressed for Christmas (sorry it's so dark!)

I LOVE to try on the funny hats and Japan has WAY more funny choices - you can make a complete costume practically - Adrienne even was convinced to try on ONE...just one though
SERIOUSLY??? A hat, a tail, and a collar - TOO MUCH Cheshire Cat!!

A sight you NEVER see in the States...don't worry the 160 minutes for The Journey to the Center of the Earth at Disney Sea made up for it...
The 2nd day we went to Disney Sea (they have all the big Disneyland rides split between 2 parks with more shops in both and a few different rides added in the mix) We got off the subway and had to pay for our monorail ticket, but it was SO cute so that kind of made up for it! Where else can you see out the Mickey window and look at the ocean?
The castle from the monorail
Disney was HUGE, couldn't even fit half of it in the picture!

How cute are these subway holders????
The inside of Disney Sea...each part was a different country - this was the Mediterranean Harbor
The volcano was part of the journey to the center of the earth ride (fun! but LONG line)

The beginning of Disney Sea

The Christmas show was VERY cool...wish I could have seen it a little better, the downfall of not getting a good spot and being short...even in Japan!
Apparently each park has it's own "thing" I had no idea, but there was a whole store selling Duffy the Disney Bear...apparently Mickey was going on a long trip and Minnie made him so he wouldn't be lonely
FINALLY inside the elevator for the journey to the center of the earth
outside 20,000 leagues under the sea and the journey to the center of the earth - I have to admit the outside of things were WAY cooler than home :)
This HUGE group of people are pointing and taking pictures so we stood there trying to figure out what was happening...finally found the hidden Mickey (who knew that was so big in Japan?) Can you find it??

All in all a fun trip - Disneyland had great lines and we got on all the rides we wanted to go on, Disney Sea was a bit crazy, but still fun :) Pros for Disney Tokyo: most of the lines were shorter, Thunder Mountain was WAY more fun Cons: Popcorn was the only a variety of flavors...honey, soda (we tried that one...not bad), chocolate, curry, strawberry, coconut, caramel, I think I'm forgetting one, but all of them were a little plain! Shopping was terrifying, THE PUSHING, oh my! Sorry these pictures are so random in order...I had so many to sort through :) One more blog for Tokyo to go!


rachel.pentecost said...

cappuccino popcorn!!

Alison said...

Adrienne reminded me of the pepper popcorn too!

Joelle said...

I will admit when you said you were going to Tokyo that I was most excited to get an "insiders" view of Tokyo Disney! As you can recall I'm obsessed with Disneyland and wish to one day in my overflowing riches that I am sure are due to arrive any day now, go to all of them! :) So thanks for allowing me to live vicariously throuhg your adventures!

Cheryl said...

How fun! I wish Tash and I could have gone with you! Miss you!