Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas program

I got to help with the church Christmas program The King is Coming and I had so much fun! Kelly was in the angel choir so she needed someone to run the actual drama parts and do cues and whatnot....it was a lot of fun to get to know some more people and see all the people that came - about 20 for each of the three performances so that was good! It was a traveling performance so I took pictures at each stop :) Sorry that the pictures are so dark...we had mood lighting (and were outside most of the time)

Pastor Wes was King Herod in the sanctuary with the 3 wise men (Rocky, Josh D., and Brian)
The church has a cute nativity up outside :)

The shepherds...the angel choir came to sing Joy to the World
Inside the JAM room (kids church) for the innkeeper
Cindy the Innkeeper - she came with her family about a month ago - we really like them (took her to the 100 yen store for the first time!)

On top of the church is a basketball court...perfect place for a stable and the Nativity :)
The whole ragtag bunch - our costumes were limited, but they did a good job...I got to do tea leaf beards :) made me laugh when they complained they were itchy...I told them if my 7 year olds can handle it, so can they!

This was too cute - Mary (the little girl) was fascinated by what was going on and kept going to touch baby Jesus.

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Cheryl said...

Very cute! I'm glad you got to be the drama guru for a little bit!