Saturday, December 27, 2008

Day 1

It was so nice to sleep in a bit today J We got up around 8:30…noise in the hall…I read for awhile, checked email and such and then got ready for the day. We had lunch at KFC….SO different than the States…smaller too…we joked that we would be hungrier than expected! After lunch we headed ALL the way up north to Cape Hedo, where the East China Sea meets the Pacific Ocean – absolutely gorgeous view of nothing but ocean. I live on a very small island in the middle of NOTHING but water…strange to see that so clearly today. On a TMI note, I wanted to use the bathroom before we went to our next stop…a geological formation called Asumui which we thought was going to be a quick stop, but there was still a long drive after that. Anyway – NOTHING but Japanese style toilets, oh dear, passed on that. It was even worse at our next stop, port a potties...JAPANESE STYLE!!!! NOT GOOD!

On our drive up to Cape Hedo...seriously, I can't believe I live here...

This is what Cal Trans's on a timer on both ends and everyone actually works instead of wasting man power on being a road sign...super cool!
Out there is where my side of the world meets your side...AKA East China Sea meets Pacific Ocean

NOTHING but water...strange
We headed to Asumui and discovered that it was more of a hike than a stop and a fee that hadn’t been mentioned in the book….OOPS! Oh well, we got on the shuttle for a VERY bumpy trip to the starting point and enjoyed a real toilet - THANK GOODNESS!!! yea yea, TMI over :) We had a good time walking around and seeing the limestone rocks and the jungle :)

Adrienne says it's my fault she's always ahead of me...I figure she never stops to wait for my picture taking :)
The dinosaur rock....ROAR!
We asked a Japanese family to take our picture at the "panoramic view" not our best shot...oh well!

I was fascinated by all the trees growing out of the rocks

I've decided I live with one of the funniest girls ever...she makes me laugh a lot! Anyway, I went through this very small opening in the rock first and got a lovely shot of our tall friend :)

Some of the rock formations and the pond
Adrienne thinks I have a Banyan tree crush...not really - I just never got a picture of me and the tree that we went to in Nago since she refused to get out of the car...I figure I can make up for it now! They really are fascinating though how they grow roots out of their branches

After our little hike we stopped at a weaving factory, it was interesting to see the traditional weaving...really pretty...REALLY expensive! We couldn't find the glass or pottery place but that was ok...we were a little tired anyway!


Edith/URL said...

I'm sure glad you stop to take the awesome shots. Some day Adriene is going to have to learn to enter small places on her hands and knees. You all are a real crack up. It's wonderful that she just makes you laugh. That's so much better than looking at you crying. (I don't like that.) Love you and are so thankful you all are having the time of your life.

Cheryl said...

I'm glad day one was good! I love all the pictures! And I love Banyon trees too!