Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Some of this, some of that...

Some pictures from the last week....

Adrienne and I before going to the church Christmas party last Thursday - our dresses are from Japan (ok, mine's from H&M...but I bought it in Japan!) Aren't our lights and tree cute?

My little napper...she can sleep through ANYTHING...it's amazing :)

We had a nice time at our Christmas party...we moved the table over to have some more room - wish we could have the table and the room :)
The group picture taken atop the fridge :) From Left to Right: Rachel, Adrienne, me, Lori, Ruth (music teacher), Yukari (secretary on my campus), and Mei-Lee (high school teacher)
Adrienne and I in party prep mode
We were at Uni-Glo (think Gap...sort of...) I bought warmer PJ's and we found these ummm, interesting ear muffs!
My mom sent a Christmas box and it had a Nativity set she had made - the kids have rearranged it about 8 times already :)


Aimee said...

You guys look SO darling!! Its funny when I saw the pic (before I started reading the blog) I thought, "hmmm, I wonder if that's her H&M dress!"

Warmer PJ's??? You need warmer PJ's? Not my hot girl. As in you are ALWAYS hot! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Social Diva strikes again!!!! I'm sure it was a fun time for all and no doubt you relished in the opportunity to cook for a group! So awesome that God's given you a wonderful group of people to "party" with despite the distance from home. Love you!

Sarah (D and Caiden too, of course)

Cheryl said...

Cute pics. Bella enjoyed playing with your mom's nativity too!