Monday, December 29, 2008

Day 3

We went inside the aquarium this time around - it's the 2nd largest in the world and we had a lot of fun! Typical aquarium, lots of funny looking fish! We sat and waited for the whale shark feeding for an hour - the places was PACKED and we had gotten a seat, so we were afraid to move...we solved the world's problems as we sat and chatted in front of the huge tank (an indoor sea wall!)

The view from the aquarium entrance
I was going to get a drink of water, but the sign above said not for drinking, gargle only...the peddles on the water fountains made me laugh...I passed on them though!
This poor guy looked so awkward trying to swim...big nose, little fins, doesn't seem fair!
This was the huge tank - we were contemplating if everyone gets along in there or if they have sea bullies :)
Jellyfish are my favorite I think - so delicate, but so strong!
I'd never seen these eels before, they bury themselves and wait for plankton
Pink fish - fun!
Big lipped fish and a sea turtle too
This was only part of the crowd waiting for the feeding - CRAZY!!!

From our seats waiting....
The whale shark eating...see Sarah, sharks can't eat you, their mouths don't open up that much!

They were SO neat to watch!
This one just made me laugh
It's just like shark week :)
HELP! I'm being eaten by a shark...
Adrienne's dissecting the shark...interesting display
When we left it had started raining...
The next stop was the butterfly garden - way cool! We had some other tourists take our picture - they were fascinated that we were from America and school teachers...there was much ooohhing and ahhhing

The view from the garden
I got to hold the butterflies!

Butterfly face wouldn't fit in the little hole though :(

The chrysalis was SO shiny, much more interesting than the painted lady butterflies I usually raise with my kids!
Adrienne was trying to convince the butterfly it liked pink so it would land on her sweater again for a picture!


Anonymous said...

Ok... so I can eliminate whale sharks from the potential "eating me" list... but I've seen Jaws and I know there are a few large enough to take a nice chunk out of me... so I still maintain the "shark bait" title ... te he! Anyway looks like you had a great couple days together - some more memories to add to your box of Japan moments!

Sarah :)

Edith/URL said...

I love the butterfly garden. I would have wanted to stay there for a long time and just Oooh and Augh!!! at them. Your camera takes wonderful pictures.

Cheryl said...

I LOVE the butterfly garden. I hopw you were thinking of me while you were there :) I love the two of you holding the butterfly and of course the butterfly fairy!