Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day 2

We set off for the zoo today...most interesting zoo I've ever been to - kind of a cross between a petting zoo and the wild animal park! As soon as we went through the entrance doors we were accosted by birds! We could have bought food apparently to feed them, but we missed that part :) Adrienne was a little nervous about being pooped on and I spent the time trying to pet them but with no food I didn't have any luck!
His hairdo made me giggle :)

As we were walking through I noticed this sign...apparently I didn't understand it, I found the tree, but no bat...maybe it doesn't work that way??

Next we went to the world's STRANGEST petting zoo - this little guy was super cute, but wouldn't stand still long enough to pet

Petting zoo: goats - check, pigs - check, llamas - check, DOGS???? um ok...sure :) People were paying money to go pet dogs...interesting! We just watched in awe

I'm getting SO good at taking our own pictures...Adrienne and I at the zoo

We took a little break to eat a slushy despite the weather - we both have a slushy addiction here - they're SO good! We saw this little peddle boat going by and I couldn't figure out why they wanted to go around this gross little swamp in a swan, but whatever floats your peddle boat huh?

The porcupines had quite the game of follow the leader going on!

I love the monkeys - these ones started a riot in the monkey area...having to much fun disturbed the rest of the cages and it got really noisy for awhile!

Turtle pyramid!

After the zoo we had lunch at Mos Burger...Japanese burger place that we've tried before...bad burgers, but apparently they have good chicken. It was pretty good, a little fatty and I accidentally ordered coffee (the menu is not in English) so that was a bit unfortunate - WAY to strong for me! After that we headed to Fruit Land (total bust...plants, some birds, and that's about it...oops!) Next door to Fruit Land is our beloved Pineapple Park so we enjoyed our pineapple cart again and all the samples...YUM! We got 3 boxes of cookies, Adrienne's face wash and a new purchase - pineapple perfume...I know I know, we are total tourists, but it smells really good and it comes in 2 halves, yellow for me, pink for Adrienne and the whole thing looks like a pineapple - very cute!


Edith/URL said...

Fun! Fun! I like the turtle pyramid! Reminds me of Ten Apples on Top...only this is Ten Turtles on Top. :-)

Mom said...

Did they have the little pineapples for sale for car/room deodorants?

Cheryl said...

Pineapple Park looks like so much fun! I wish I could go! I think you need to take a pic of the perfume. I want to see it!