Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Ritz...and other things in Tokyo

On Friday we did a little more shopping on Ginza Street...no luck, but still fun to wander! We also saw the world's longest line outside one of the stores so we were trying to figure out if everyone was buying the "it" Christmas gift or what...nope, it was for lottery tickets, I've never seen anything like it, but whatever! After that we moved from the Marriott to the Ritz Carlton (I can't begin to thank Mark enough for that one!) The view was FANTASTIC, the beds comfortable, and the bathtub the best EVER...and American restaurants within walking distance :) We were heading out on Friday to eat at Hard Rock Cafe (a tourist typical no matter where you are) Food was yummy and the music in English...so that was a treat! On the way we saw the BEST sight ever...Golden Spoon - I was elated and it was put on the food list for the weekend :)
Our obligatory trip to Hard Rock

So after lunch at Outback....hmmmm....steak!!! we got stuck outside our room because housekeeping was in there for what seemed like forever, we go bored and were eating mentos and taking pictures :)

The Ritz...Amazing!!
We're not sure what this was, but we could see it from our room - it kept changing to different stars and sometimes advertisements...
Our hotel is on the left - tallest building in Tokyo and we were on the 50th floor!!
Our fake looking view...trust me is was amazing!

The room and our super comfortable beds! Adrienne and I had to share, but at least the beds were bigger than the Marriott (that was a funny sight I'm sure!)
PART of the bathroom, it was huge...and the tub was perfect, it had the perfect slant so you could fully lay back (or at least this short girl could!)
Outside the Ritz - Starbucks and the entrance to the Galleria (expensive shopping) are on the left of this
Christmas at the Ritz

Our view in all its glory! We think that's Mt. Fuji in the distance

Ok, that's FINALLY all my stuff on Tokyo :) Good trip - back at school, starting to help with our church Christmas program (yea!) and settling back into school. 3 weeks till Christmas break (which is VERY up in the air right now...we had to cancel Thailand and are still waiting to see if we get our money back) Hope everyone is well and had a WONDERFUL holiday and are enjoying the Christmas season - love you!


Aimee said...

Tokyo is a HUGE city! Wow! So many American restaurants, Vienna only has a TGIFridays. Which is occasionally very yummy and hits the spot perfectly.

Cheryl said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful time in Tokyo. I love the view pics! Hope everything works out with the Thailand stuff and you feel good about Christmas break!

Shanna said...

Looks like you ladies have been having a lot of fun traveling and seeing the sites. I'm glad its work and play! And I'm SOOOOOO jealous that there is a Golden Spoon- that's my favorite place, we use to have ice cream from there all the time in college.

Things are ok here in Seattle. I'm not teaching or subbing b/c I can't do either without a WA state certificate so that's in process. So stupid, I have to take one of their state exams again too- like aren't all the CA tests enough?! So frustrating- maybe I should blog that huh? So instead I have a nanny position with a family in the area. And of course, now I'm attached to their 2 kids. Everything else is just plugging along.


Shanna said...
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Edith/URL said...

Wow! What a view of the city and to be privileged to view the city and vicinity from the Ritz! Know you must have enjoyed the American food.