Thursday, October 23, 2008


I think my class and I took a turn this week...I may have successfully bonded with them and I'm liking them more and more...we're developing a chemistry and they can even be funny at times - who would have thunk it??? :) We were in charge of chapel this week so we've been practicing our reader's theater over the last couple of weeks but got serious about it this week (good motivation for reading!) I used the Parable of the Pumpkin we wrote at San Gabriel a few years ago :) So today we performed and 4 of the parents came and I was SO proud of my little munchkins - they said everything perfectly - I could hear and understand them despite the lack of microphones :) The other kids seemed to enjoy it as well...we also did a song at the end, Be Bold...from Spring Concert - modified the motions a tinge so they could get the hang of it easily and we taught the rest of the group - there were some giggles but I think everyone had a good time with it!! Anyway, I'm proud of my little one's.
I should have been helping them with the motions...but I wanted a picture :)

Keep your script at your waist...nice and loud, nice and slow, nice and clear...most of them got it!

I'm also noticing that they're starting to use the sight words up on the wall to help them spell during writing or journal...YEA! We're also starting to do a little better knowing them...our reading doesn't make me want to cry anymore and most of us can count by 3's :) Overall we're making painful step at a time, but PROGRESS!! I'm thankful for signs of life hee hee!

Adrienne and I have become Tuesday regulars at Starbucks - peaceful for reading or chatting...I like to read and eavesdrop on the English conversations :) I laugh each time we go because we keep seeing this gecko (I hope it's just one and not an infestation) We often joke about the F rating they would get in the states...but here the geckos are good for bugs so apparently it's one gross thing over another...but it strikes me funny all the same! We've also been going to the sea wall more often - it's SO peaceful to just sit and watch the water. It's one of the few places you can actually see the stars and we discovered an ice cream vending machine - we're still not for sure what it was we chose but my pineapple/apple popsicle thing was VERY yummy. I think the sea wall is my second favorite place on the's a reminder of the importance of enjoying all your moments - not just rushing past them. My little tidbits I'm thankful for this week: Talked to the Andrews on Skype, 101 class at church...and the ensuing conversation with Pastor Wes, popsicles at the sea wall, my kids at chapel (and the fact that they actually got excited about something!), sight word cars, mac and cheese for dinner again, talked to Cheryl, Jen, and Mom on Skype, it was a pretty decent week I have to say! I have to do report cards next week so I have all my grading to finish and I'm hoping that the improvements I'm seeing mean I have fewer cranky parents after report cards!

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Edith/URL said...

Yeah! The children are getting a glimpse of the actors and actresses they can are bringing out the best side of them and they're touching your heart. Cherish the moments. Report card time is here so my head is swimming. Several little darlings keep leaving answers complete so my task today is to get them to finish their tests so I can include the grades. Enjoy the quietness of the ocean. I haven't been able to sit and watch the waves and ponder on God's beauty for years. Yesterday L.D. enjoyed a delicious fruit salad. Karen Calamia has some creative ideas and we're enjoying tossing our ingredients together. We are still having to have a tad of business. Praying for our kidlets is no big that we just pray for them individually and don't discuss and then pray. You are missed and I can't emphasize that enough to you. Love, Big Sis