Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm thankful for...

So things could be better, my attitude more then anything...I can defeat myself rather easily, especially when the circumstances are already hard. Anyway, I decided I needed to start praying that I had at least one good thing each day to hang onto - whether it be a moment with the kids, a laugh with Adrienne, a card or call from home...whatever it happened to be and it would remind me to be thankful for all of it...including the yucky stuff! Anyway, so here are my tidbits this week:

1. Mail from Kim and Bugaboo...AKA Molly (miss my Giggleboxes OFTEN!!)
2. My kids working on compound words and coming up with they're processing the two parts for their flip flap books one kid goes, fire hot, fireman hot! SSSSSSS! it made me laugh :) Had to write Kevin and he said firemen get that all the time...whatever! They might get more credit if they left real comments too (now I'm just blatantly commenting about your lack of commenting! Miss you!)
3. My girls spent their free time after lunch coloring me pictures
4. Adrienne and I laughing so hard and her comment "You make me want to pee my pants" I'll take it as a compliment at this point.
5. Adrienne being a good sport and going with me for a new towel and some "bleach" not bleach apparently, but the towels aren't stinky - we also got some stuff to get rid of the green stuff from the air conditioner...not sure what it is, but it does smell bleachish (I think the picture is something getting rid of mold)
6. Mint Julep soda for lunch (it's something I'll miss when I come home...LOVE it!)
7. Incredible chicken (minus the spinach) but cheese and bacon make everything yummy...cheese!!!!!
8. Adrienne is now fascinated with my clock and how I can make the time go on the ceiling.

So yea, I'm TRYING to be more positive...I'd appreciate your prayers (and emails, snail mail, Skype calls) Anyway, it's Friday :) and a much needed weekend is about to begin - Taco Night...with cheese (I sound so obsessive about dairy products here...I've just realized that MOST of my home diet includes dairy) Tomorrow is a couple of new places with Adrienne, Rachel, Laura, and her husband Eric - should be fun! Anyway more to come I'm sure...miss you all...even though nobody (but Aimee...who gets the need for blog comments!) is very good about leaving me comments...pout pout pout ;)


Aimee said...

I'll be your only commenter if you "be" my only commenter.

Edith/URL said...

I'm thankful for Skype and emails or all of us would be lost without each other. You are so-o-o-o-o missed.

Cheryl said...

I leave you comments! I just don't check your blog all the time. But, when I do, I go all the way back where I left off! I love you and miss you and am proud of you for looking at the positive things in life and hanging on to them!