Saturday, October 25, 2008

Friday Night Fun

We didn't have anything going on for Friday night and we had our yummy mac and cheese...didn't want to spend money, but didn't want to sit in the wood box either. Adrienne started looking through the tour book and I'm convinced the island that after 7pm all there is to do is eat and we decided to go find the US Forces WW2 Landing Monument. Now the directions say to go to Sunabe beach and walk to the northern end until a park appears, the monument and the beach are located on the other side of the park. UMMMM - we find what we hope is the park, and on the other side is a beach - good, so the park has a playground and what not and some gazebo type buildings, we check these out - they seem to be for looking out at the ocean, we cross over to the beach and find the following sting ray...if this is the monument that's just the strangest monument EVER...but we better take a picture in case it is. So we're walking back towards the park laughing about how we'll have to google the monument when we get home to see what it looks like.
We then find this at the edge of the park, we have no clue what it says, maybe THIS is the monument - WAY better than the sting ray at least :)
Oh wait, then there's this - it's hard to tell but there's people carved into the stone with guns creeping up onto the rocks...we decided this MUST be the monument (we googled it and we're right)

The whole evening was full of giggles and yet another funny tour book story :)

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