Thursday, October 16, 2008

The small things

Wrote my first Science test this week - hoping my kids do ok - does it reflect on the test or the kids if they fail? I know I've presented all the information, I know that their study guide covers everything on the test, I know we've talked about animals every day for the last two months....but I'm a little nervous about the test. I've never written a test before...we'll see tomorrow I guess! Anyway, I've been bonding with my children this week...they've been trying to teach me bits and pieces of Japanese and they LOVE hearing about California! We have our Fall Festival this weekend and I've been busy wrapping prizes in my spare time and some of the kids liked helping to cut the paper if they finished their work early - the giggles over wrapping paper was pretty funny - they wanted to know what everything was, who brought it, where it came from, on and on - it amazes me every time how excited they get over the little things. Did I mention before about what happened when we made antonym wheels? I gave them the two parts and then the brad - OH MY - they'd never seen them before, it was God's gift to them - we had to play with the wheel for almost 5 minutes before we could actually do the activity - hopefully next time the excitement is a little more under control. Two of my kids were doing some strange thing with their hands yesterday so I asked what they were playing - hands was the reply. Hands? Like shadow puppets or flying or something? No, they were just moving their hands and "jumping" their hands off of things and making noises...happy little clams or hands as the case may be! It really is all about the small things here - so I guess that's what I'm thankful for today :) that I'm not the only one that is thankful for the small things!


Sarah said...

Playing with hands... I'm very familiar with that... do you remember Melanie and Maddie's world of "Nahs"? They had friends, jobs, went on dates (Alison K. told me they hung out! te he), and had their own language... love the imagination... fun that no matter where you are in the world imagination exsists... surely a be thankful moment since we know how often imagination dies at the hands of the cyber gods! Lova ya... praying brads and other good things make you smile today!

Aimee said...

Small things are always good! I miss you!!