Sunday, October 19, 2008


Ahhh the weekend come and goes again...this one wasn't quite as eventful as last weeks but always an adventure :) I woke up Friday to pouring rain, yes I know I say that it rains a lot but I groaned know that chapel was going to be in my room because we don't make the trek down the street in the rain and my room and the library are the biggest and apparently it's harder to move tables than my whole classroom. I arrived at school and with a little help from the kids I got all the desks shoved to one side of the room and the floor swept. My poor kidlets were rather disconcerted with the change of routine, but we got through it and all 65 kids jammed into my room for worship and a lesson about Nehemiah then there was the shoe know, high school youth group game usually played out on a field? Yes, the put all 130 pairs of shoes in a pile in the middle of my room and what ensued could be compared to the tug of war or a dog pile - I was a little terrified and the tears that ensued were quite sad - my kids got a little squished and there were some shoes that were harder to find...but we all survived (I think). The whole day was kind of a loss after that - but we did take our science test and I have a perfect bell curve...going to let them correct it for more points...I think the first test was a little strange for them but I was pleased that I had so many do well - I'm not the world's worst test writer :) Oh, I have a new job...janitor...our cleaning crew has been cut so I get to mop myself - ummmmm, yea, trauma, but I bought some gloves and will be on my way this week...

Rainbow on my rainy day

The shoe pile chaos

My kids getting their shoes on :)

Saturday was Fall Festival - it went smoothly. I had chosen to do Pass the Present (kind of like musical chairs) so I was in the cool upstairs, but a little bored with very few other people and in between games no one to talk to (shhh, I did get some reading group planning done!) We thought our air conditioning in the car wasn't working because of a low gas tank because it started working after we got gas, but sadness, no air for some reason - my brilliant plan is to have one of the high schoolers who apparently is good with cars look at it this week - pray for our little Thomas car! After that we went to a pottery fair with Lori and she showed us where to get these cookers that we had talked about before for EXCELLENT prices :) We spent the evening with the whole family and Izzie and I got her ready for bed while the others got a birthday present for a party they had the next day. I've missed "my" babies so much and it was nice to do the whole bedtime routine - no fast pokes vs slow pokes though :( and she and I crawled into bed and were reading our 6th book by the time everyone came home - more books for Carolyn and the coffee and more chatting for the adults before Adrienne and I headed home. Sunday was church, Rose Garden, and a church 101 class (kinda like a membership/informational class that you take before being able to join or volonteer) Good times...a trip to the 100 Yen store to look for a couple things and then home to clean and relax before a new week starts. Have a good one!

Carolyn and Izzie were my best customers...picking out thier condolance prizes!
Ayaka, her sister, Kounoske, Kai, and some of the older kids playing

Lauren and Kyle my twins - Lauren had on a darling shirt from when they were stationed in Germany
Izzie being silly for the camera :)

Oh, things I'm thankful for: Mac and cheese with Velveeta (Mom sent a box with lots of fun things), and email from Dad, bedtime routines with the kids, a borrowed toaster oven, chats with Adrienne, and beginning to bond with my students


Aimee said...

Sounds like a good one to me!! Sorry I have been awol, trying to establish a routine back in Denver!

Cheryl said...

I'm glad it was a good weekend! I think you need to give Thomas car some oil! :) Too bad you don't have the "guys" to drive by and help! Love you and miss you!