Sunday, May 3, 2009

Beach Days!!

I'm pretty sure we couldn't ask for better weather lately! It's been perfect - nice and warm, not too humid, and a good breeze! One of the things on our list before leaving the island was to go to one of the other islands in the Ryuku we headed up north and went to a couple that you can get to via bridge SO pretty! It was a wonderful day of relaxing with a book (while Adrienne napped of course!) I couldn't believe how the water look - so clear and turquoise - it almost glowed! On Sunday after church ( I did children's church on my own with someone to help with games...went well!) it was another beautiful day and Adrienne and I had decided if it was nice we would go to Transit Cafe for lunch and then home to change for the beach...well Robert and Lisette wanted to know what we were doing, so they decided to come to...and then Clay and Marlene were coming....and then they invited some visitors to come too!!! OH MY 10 people are not going to after a few other options we all ended up at Kadena Marina for the buffet, not much food (it's American of course...) After lunch Robert and Lisette invited us to go snorkeling so we headed home to change and then attempted to snorkel at a couple of places - the first one was a little too rough - I kept getting water in my spout! The next spot was not rough...but had nothing but sand and sea cucumbers. We headed back in because we were all in need of a shower before evening service - we'll try again next week. Sage and I were playing on the way in and I wasn't watching so I walked straight into a rock of first thought when looking at it was, God you have to stop the bleeding, I don't want to go to the Japanese hospital! Anyway, got out of the water, examined it - thankfully the salt water helped clean it and dry it up quickly!! Praise God! I have an extremely cool war wound though :) Excellent weekend and so far a really good week! Sorry my pictures are all in a funky order - I loaded them at different times and didn't feel like arranging!

Adrienne and I at the sea wall
From front to back - Sage, Marlene, me, Adrienne, Clay, and Robert making faces!
My gash! I'll post pictures of it in all it's glory now - it looks even worse!!

Lisette, Robert, Sage, and Adrienne and I before snorkeling The view from Kouri Island - doesn't even begin to show you how beatiful it was!

This guy was taking a picture of his motorcycle - I thought it was hilarious to drive out on this gorgeous spot, take a picture of the bike and leave, but what do I know?
Some sort of clam nets

The island is mostly farmland...