Monday, May 25, 2009

Spring Concert

Spring Concert...makes me miss San Gabriel - different being just another teacher rather than being in charge...another time, another place. Anyway, it was crazy with 18 recorders, 3 costume changes, and all the usual craziness backstage - ahhh theater life :)

Backstage for rehearsal...

Poor Mai was the dog...this costume was SO hot...I ended up fanning her every time she came backstage!

Concert Day - Sarah you would have died...this whole set change, that took about 5 minutes to do, was for a 3 minute scene...think realist to the max! OY!

My little class
The whole group
Some of you know that the recorder has been the bane of my existence at school this year - a HORRID instrument in my humble, non-musical opinion...they turned out ok, but seriously - no one should have to hear this EVERY day for the last 166 days :( Enjoy...insert evil laugh here!


Aimee said...

Only took me about 30 seconds to figure out what song they were playing. Jameson, however, loved it and was smiling through the whole video.

Edith/URL said...

The recorder music was quite distressing. I'm thankful I don't have to listen to the irritable noise every day. I would order a set of ear plugs. Anna Lim has the senior orchestra making beautiful music. A few of the groups remind me of the recorder noise. Oh well! Practice makes perfect.