Monday, May 18, 2009

Goings on...

Aimee and I were just talking about how hard it is to start blogging after a break...I also think it's hard to blog when you're busy! With things winding down here in Okinawa we've been here and there and here are some of the goings on lately :)

We had Pastor Clay and Marlene over for dinner and games - we played Hearts! It was a fun night of laughter and fellowship...Marlene is a licensed counselor and she didn't go running from the room at any point, so we must not be crazy (or at least not certifiable!)

We also had dinner with Rocky and Gina...we were trying to go to Arin Karin (the Garlic House) BUT they had "an extra holiday" ONLY in Japan!!! We ended up at the Pizza House which was good too, we always have a fun time with those two...young at heart as Rocky would say :)

The All Mothers/All Daughters...AKA All female tea was last Saturday at the Globe and Anchor Officer's club.
Pauline read a story and did some "table talk", Eva gave a short message after Kim and the girls did a little skit - Kim hadn't learned her lines, so the cue cards were really funny!

After that we were supposed to design a hat for the cat walk - ummmm, yea, I'm not crafty at all, but I did make a large fan to put on top :) Adrienne and Shay were busy trying to figure out what to do with our supplies!
Poor Emma was voted to be the model (youngest one wins!) The pink thing is my fan...nice addition huh?
I was amazed at some of the other hats - the Japanese ladies are super crafty with paper! I'm pretty sure they actually could wear their hats in public :)

After the tea we were having Alisia and Emma over for a slumber party - first stop beach, next was shaved ice (YUM!) unfortunately there was a long wait (not to pay, but to get it) and quite possibly the worst music in ENGLISH ever...I've never even heard this stuff at home - yikes! After that we decided to go up on the Ferris Wheel - it's been on our list of things to do and it was a beautiful day out...why not?

All the girls
The view from the top
Emma and I - she was a little nervous about heights so pictures were a good distraction!
Adrienne and Alisia practicing their gangsta style!
And a few words from my classroom...I taught a yen lesson and they were working with their yen to solve the problems - so focused, it was pretty funny!

We finished our bodies! Kiana's look is PRICELESS...her body must be doing something for her to make that face and Kounosuke's isn't much'd think I'd asked them to hold up something dead :)

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