Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kite Day and other classroom ramblings :)

Another busy week with the kiddos...Risa had her birthday cake on Monday...I like Japanese cake SO much better than American cake (yes I know I'm not much for cake...but this is good!)
On Tuesday Samuel's mom came to our class to do some fun hands on science...we made silly putty, learned what reacts with baking soda and water to make "invisible ink" appear, and even got some cool sand that doesn't get wet! The kids and I had a great time :) It was nice to do all the hands on science stuff that I'm used to in the States!

Writing their invisible ink messages
If I had gotten this on video - the squeals of delight were priceless when they realized that the glue turned to silly putty!

I'd never seen this sand before, but it's hydrophobic and you have to push it to the bottom and then you can sculpt it, but pick it up out of the water and it's dry! Super cool...might need to order some for my future classrooms!
On Wednesday we had Kite Day - May 5 is Children's Day (formerly Boys Day) in Japan, and Adrienne's campus celebrated with Kite Day, and my campus celebrated a day late with kite flying competitions, a picnic, and park time.

This slide terrified me and NO I did not go on it...that's cement!!! One of the mom's and I were talking about how you would NEVER see this in the States and she laughed when I was trying to explain that it was a law suit waiting to happen and she replied with " but don't parents say, you're ok, and take them to get better?" You'd think huh? Anyway, terrifying!! But no one got hurt :)
My kis waiting to get their kites
Ready to fly!

It was kind of chaos watching my class - this was the "finals" My kids didn't quite get the hang of it!
The two champions with Mr. Elofson the principal

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