Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kids catch up...

We had SATs 2 weeks ago (if teachers are in hell they will have to give the SATs to young English language's worse than in the States if that's possible!) So last week was Spirit Week and oh my was everyone in fine form!

My kids for Heritage day...basically wear your flags colors
My kids working away on their human bodies - we're almost done, just need to label!

Twin/look alike day....apparently Mana, Milena, and Kai were bunnies!

My twins were twins :) I didn't even ask them to pose like that!

Favorite character day

YES, I went insane that day, no I did NOT allow the ninja to stay like that the whole time....seriously? no comment
Friday night we babysat at church for the Love Dare - a good time with the Braund kids and Alissia :) They make me laugh!

Adrienne was learning to Tango

This week has been much more mellow - a nice change :) We have Kite Day tomorrow so I'm looking forward to a beautiful afternoon outside!!

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