Sunday, September 28, 2008


You know what's great? I sit and type all these random thoughts and people read them and enjoy them (or at least pretend to) and I get comments and emails all of which make me happy! I find the whole thing to be just lovely (I may enjoy hearing myself talk too....hmmm) Anyway, this weekend was SUPER restful and slightly productive. Got to talk to several people on Skype :) We finally made it to the laundry mat and the dryer did wonders for my jeans and the other clothes in need of a bit of shrinking...we decided to put going to the laundry mat in our budget (need to make a new envelope) so we can go once a month! We also bug bombed the apartment today - scrubbed it from top to bottom afterwards...praying it killed whatever was biting us, not feeling very hopeful because we were feeling itchy tonight. It may have been in our heads so we'll see tomorrow if there are bites :( We broke out the Monopoly board because we were bored and I didn't want to grade papers - got most of it done at the laundry mat, I'll try to finish up during lunch this week. Adrienne kicked my butt - note to self, more properties do no good if you can't afford houses. Anyway, a quiet restful weekend was much needed and this week is sure to be busy. Our church has their missions week beginning on Wednesday so that should be interesting - regular scheduling for school - another week in Japan...crazy!!


Aimee said...

Sometimes a relaxing weekend is very enjoyable. Also, I really like the laundry mat. I have a pretty good washer/dryer here, but occasionally we need to wash the comforters,etc. I kinda enjoy the fact that it forces you to sit and not be on the computer or watch tv, and just watch your clothes wash and dry. Funny, I know!

Sarah said...

Glad you are enjoying hearing yourself read outloud... do you use different we get to choose can my voice sound like Wilma Flinstone 'cause you know you're the Betty Rubble of my world! Te he! Anyway glad you got to have a restful weekend... you deserve it. By the way Caiden was watching me read and was talking. I think he was saying "Auntie Laxative, I hope you don't have any more bug bites!" Miss you and talk with you soon.

Ruth said...

Glad you got some relaxation in the midst of all the new adventures you've been experiencing...every little bit helps. :)

Good thing you're going to the laundry mat now...with all the crazy weather over there lately, I don't know how you get anything to dry.

Have an exciting week -- I'm sure you will! Keeping you in prayer and missing you both very much.