Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Things I miss...

Popcorn - although the no snacking thing seems to be working for my waistline :)
Towels that actually dry things and don't have a weird smell after washing
Cheese, yogurt, affordable milk
My bed - this one isn't cozy and so SMALL!
Top sheets
a dryer
friends, family, and co-workers that get it
Stater Brothers (and the really nice guy at the meat counter that doesn't laugh when I ask for 40 chicken breasts)
my actually accelerates!
chai tea - so cozy and comforting
no humidity - I'm tired of feeling damp ALL the time
my cell phone and the ability to actually get in touch with my friends whenever I want without planning the call in advance
dance class
my school stuff, teacher supply stores
normal hair
mint tea
good affordable produce
my classroom stuff
teacher supply stores
my closet...the rest of my clothes
stores with my size
my cookbooks
a real kitchen
a dry erase board...chalkboards are AWFUL
file cabinets
a REAL pencil sharpener

I'm not sure if this is the complete list, but the things that come to mind for's one of those weeks though.


Phil said...

Hang in there! Things are going to look up before you know it...

(So what exactly do you do with 40 chicken breasts anyhow? You must have a much nicer freezer than I do!!)

Aimee said...

Chai is something I really miss here! I found Chai tea bags at an organic market, but I have never had luck with it until I looked up online. Apparently, you boil the water, steep the tea bags for 30 minutes (or longer/shorter) add vanilla and sugar (to taste), then add some milk. It actually has worked REALLY well. There are other recipes just using black tea, but then you need cloves, cardamom pods, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger...etc. Too much work!

Edith/URL said...

One thing I miss on a daily basis is my bubbling 'Lil Sister'. Teaching second grade isn't the same, eating lunch on the patio isn't the same,LD isn't the same, and we aren't the same without you.