Thursday, September 11, 2008

A sad lesson

I forgot my lunch today...we have bentos...Japanese style hot lunch/lunch truck...I gave my two choices to the school secretary and left my money with her...OH MY. So I picked beef and potatoes or teriyaki...not sure which one I got because most of it was unidentifiable. There was some greens that looked like someone had taken the pond scum off and stuck it on the plate, rice, potatoes and carrots (mushy) something yellow and pickled along with something pink that I couldn't bring myself to eat, crab wrapped in a piece of scrambled egg, fried fish, something brown that I think is fish jerky (it was yucky). Yea, so I will NOT be forgetting my lunch again - I ate what I could but my tummy feels wierd now :( My kids have art in a half hour so I may end up walking over to A & W for something to fill my tummy...Wishing I could walk to Quiznos or even KFC out the back gate at SGCS right about now :) My kids happily ate their lunches over half of them had soba (noodles in soup and some stuff on top...looked better then my lunch!


Aimee said...

So sorry, that does not sound like a good lunch!

Cheryl said...

Ohhh! I'm so sorry! I wish I could have been there to bring you something! I hope you got something better and your tummy is feeling better!