Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just for Adrienne :)

Right now Adrienne is making me write a blog...she's bored and needs something to read...I told her to read a book to which she replied "boo" and continued pacing around the apartment - we then compared blog number and I was behind by here I am writing a blog. We went to Mike's Tex Mex for dinner on Friday - very good - the salsa was kinda different...Adrienne reminded me we were in Japan - HA! The whole place was filled with American's which was a first since our arrival, but the food was good and the company always excellent :) Not much else for was a long week and to bed early! I woke up early Saturday morning to rain like I've never heard before - I tried to video it a little but it doesn't do it justice! I spent the morning Skyping with friends and puttering around the house - OH, we made pancakes...figured out the Japanese instructions (thank goodness for pictures!) and they were SO good - perfect hang out at home food!! We finally got ready and ventured out during a break in the rain to the travel agency to look into plans for Christmas - only to discover that the International guy was out for Japanese holiday - he'll call us later. We did see our pastor while we were out and reported we'd found the mexican place and he also told us today in church we need to have a re-entry stamp...good to know or we'll be stuck outside of Japan - I'm not sure how much I'd want to come back if I was stuck outside already... ;) We did our grocery shopping - made tacos (the 2nd successful meal here) invited Rachel over for movie night and we made rice krispie treats (with chocoalte krispies...that's all we have) but they turned out really good!

Adrienne stirring in the rice krispies...I've never made regular rice krispy treats before - just the peanut butter ones - which are the best!! You must try them sometime :)

I said my pan could make everything and it has now made rice krispy treats ha ha ha! Today was church - which is by far my favorite place on the island right now - I know Adrienne already commented on how it seems to be the first place I've ever been able to leave my worries aside and just focus...and me being able to do that without making lists in my head or becoming distracted by something is saying a lot for me. It brings a complete peace to me - there's a friday night ladies thing that we're going to check out and we still want to bring up having a social diva thing at the apartment :) the church directory (which we're in) will come out soon - I haven't been in one of those since high school at the Naz church- sigh good times- We braved a little laundry despite the weather and now have clothes hanging everywhere inside. Also, we seem to be having a bug problem - Adrienne started getting all these bites and now I have 4 of them...I think it's the couch - I sat on it for the first time in awhile and came away with bites....hmmmm. Not to much going on here - a quiet weekend, oh and some grading...a little concerned about my kids academics...parents aren't going to be happy when progress reports come out at the end of the month...YIKES! Anyway, I'll sign off for now having completed my roommate duty :) Much love to all of you!


Adrienne said...

Wow I SOOOOOOO appreciate your willingness to comply with my requests! I needed a little pick me up and you sure gave it! Thanks for the shout out! Oh and I'm so sorry you have 4 bug bites. I think I have too many to count! Alright I'm coming over to say hi now! lol

Aimee said...

If you are giving shout outs, you talked to Jameson and me on the phone for the few minutes he was willing to sit still. :-P

Cheryl said...

I like the video of the rain. It looked very peaceful!