Sunday, September 21, 2008

Week 4 done...5 is already started

It's crazy to think how quickly the time really goes in retrospect because there are times that I feel like this experience is standing still. I feel like I have so much time on my hands, just think about how much I blog! HA, but most of that time would be taken up busy with school, or friends, or dance class, or traffic, or traffic, or whatever else I found to do. There's just not all of that here - I can leave school by 4 (dismissal is until 3:25 or so) which is unheard of for me and there's no regular activities during the week except for church on makes me wish I could bake here - or at least cook my regular meals - I have so much time here and none of my regular things to do - I suppose that was part of the plan to slow things down huh? Apparently I'm settling in finally - everyone seems to comment that my blogs seem more like my perky bubbly self...I am feeling more like myself now - as Aimee would say the jet lag is wearing off and the culture shock isn't AS shocking :) Now, don't mistake this for the desire to stay here forever - I'm giving up plans (mine seem to go to the wayside at this point), but I'd like to be back in the States sooner then later! Anyway, just my thoughts for now. Sunday we went to church :) our pastor was in Tokyo for church business - district meeting or something I think. We went to Rose Garden (of course...YUMMY french toast!) Ruth (our music teacher) came along as well - some others were supposed to join but it ended up being just the 4 of us. We intended to grade papers, do laundry (take our pants to dry at the laundry mat!) and then go on base to go to this craft/glass fair....yea, we went to the fair first - LOVED everything...same stuff as Saturday but cheaper so I bought a few things and we played the hat game (whatever piece your hat lands on you get to keep) I was TERRIBLE at it, but everybody else got quite a bit :) We also got to look at the on base culture gift shops - local vendors, cheaper prices - picked out quite a few of my gift items for people :) We ended up going home with only time to grade...oops, the laundry will have to wait! PS Adrienne found a VERY special Japan Man at the glass store...I'll be sure to get a picture ASAP...we're funny...or at least I find us amusing!


Aimee said...

See! I don't even have to tell you how it is anymore! It sounds like a fun weekend in Japan!!

Anonymous said...

So I finally decided to comment about commenting on your blog. Think about it. U love me I know. Miss ya. you know who this is