Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Q and U get married!

The class had a special event yesterday - Q and U got married, yes the I'm not crazy or original even, but we had a really good time making Qu- words after our wedding!

Our qu- words with the happy couple! Yes that's a ghetto tissue veil...I'm making due here people! It was a very sudden wedding and I'm not a wedding planner!

This is right before the "vows"

Before walking down the aisle (escorted by Kyle and Mana)
The boys sat on one side
The girls on the other!

We're starting to get into routine - I think the kids are getting used to me and how I do things so that helps A LOT! I'm also getting used to how things work around here - working the system I suppose :) My devotions went well on Monday - just a little teary-eyed :) I suppose that goes without saying when you share what's on your heart, it should be passionate and on topic...sorry that's my complaint right now - STAY ON lack of attention can't handle changing topics with no transition or tie in...I'm busy trying to figure out the last point...hmmm oh well. Adrienne and I booked a trip to Tokyo - very excited about that one! We're going over Thanksgiving (thank goodness for American holidays!) Our tour looks very fun and we decided it would be fun to go to Tokyo Disney, but the also have Disney Sea which looks like fun too! I made my first and maybe my only successful meal in Japan. I knew all the ingredients, they were all what I intended them to be, AND it tasted good...imagine that...sigh - can I just say all of you need to be thankful for your grocery stores. Go to the meat counter and thank the person behind it for doing a good job - for having cuts of meat, not fat with some meat on it, track down the produce person and tell them you appreciate their selection, quality, and prices! No, I'm not being dramatic, I hate grocery shopping and cooking in Japan - one disastor after another is giving me a complex! Adrienne and I went to the Wednesday Bible Study and really like the people and time we want to ask if they have a ladies group - they have a men's group but we thought it would be fun to get to know some non-school people! Look at us, trying to make friends, who would have thought it? I'm not sure where this idea will go - but we'd both like to make some friends here that will last past this experience. Granted, (excuse the following mushiness) Adrienne is quickly becoming one of my most favorite people... I don't know what I'd do without her here...we laugh, we cry, we talk, we meander, we contemplate how crazy we are, we drive our small car, she's a really good sport about our random little adventures, and it's nice to be in this boat with someone else, we joke that we're not going to know how to function on our own after this year :) Ok, that was off topic...overall things are going well - we laugh a lot because nothing is ever comfortable and it seems to be our best coping strategy. We were on a typhoon watch but it looks like we're going to miss it...very dissappointed, but I guess there's another one forming to the south so we're crossing our fingers...might as well get something exciting out of this yucky weather! Love you all - keep writing comments and emails!

My kids at PE...yes, I have to make sure they get changed from their school uniform to their PE uniforms...not and easy task but we have it mastered in under 6 minutes!!


Aimee said...

Q and U are a perfect match, I totally support that marriage. I am glad that your kids are getting used to you, they won't regret it. I am sorry that cooking and grocery shopping is a chore. If it makes you feel better, it took me years to learn everything here in Austria, where to go for what, whats good whats not, etc

Cheryl said...

Very cute wedding! And your kids are cute too. If one didn't know you were in Japan they would think that you were right here in San Gabriel! I'm glad you are getting adjusted! Hugs and kisses!

Sarah said...

Can't believe I missed the PE uniforms... ahhh... so glad we didn't have to do that each day! They look very Canadian in their red and white... wait... Japan is red and white too... was that the reason? Am I that smart... te he!

Anonymous said...

Haha, Clever.

- Fourth Grader