Saturday, September 20, 2008

A bit of fun!

Adrienne and I did a little shopping this week - we actually found some cute things - nothing seems to fit me, but it gave hope to finding something that does fit and is actually cute :) This was in the dressing room and I wasn't sure how to put this I took a picture instead of figuring it out :)

Now most of you have witnessed me in a shoe store and I get easily bored and try on random shoes...well, things are the same in Japan and these are some of the pairs I found - I was almost as tall as Adrienne in them :)

Today we went on a little adventure (without the tourbook, we had a tourguide - Rocky from school went with us!) This morning Adrienne and I splurged on a back massage - it was relaxing, my neck could use a little more attention and it was a very different style, but it was a good splurge nonetheless. We at some lunch and then the 3 girls headed to school to meet Rocky. First we went on a glass bottom boat ride - Rocky knew the people working there so we got a deal :) The ride was beautiful - the fish fantastic - all fun things!

This was our boat and the view of the Pacific Ocean (which is much warmer on this side!) It's also so much clearer and bluer!

Adrienne and I on the one got sick - apparently this might have been a problem, but all went well!
This is Rocky - he refuses to have his picture taken so I had to sneak one in - not very successful though!
The view of the shore from the boat

We found this boat and wanted to sit in it - I wanted to stick my feet in the water and sit so it worked out nicely.
Next we went to Okinawa World which was SUPER fun! We got to go into a cave - got stalagtite and stalagmite water on us - we made Rocky point out what all the signs said which was good fun - there was one that said it was the evil forest - I thought it was HILARIOUS! This was the bat entrance...thankfully we didn't see any bats while we were there!
The crew as Adrienne likes to call us in the cave!
This is the Chi Chi dogs - apparently they're Buddhist statues for good luck
This was the entrance to Okinawa World - there were parking attendants that had little hats - it was super funny, I wish I had gotten a picture, but no such luck!
This was the view of the Pacific Ocean I promised - I do live in one of the prettiest place ever...wish the weather was better!
We got to see glass blowing - you can pay to do it yourself too! You have to go back the next day in order to get it so we decided to go to a different place some other time to try it ourselves...the glass is absolutely gorgeous - it may need to be my soveneir...a little pricey but SO pretty!!
The kiln
Aren't we cute?
Adrienne was petting her new friend the pineapple - I made her sit down to take the picture and she made friends :)

Afterwards we had soba for the first time - it was like Ramen, but better and was good - I actually like some Japanese food :) It was a fun day AND we found out there's a place to country line dancing - we'll be checking that out soon - I miss my dancing! YEA fun! (a little excited, can you tell?) This is a video of our fish - I took several, but this one is my favorite - I wish it showed how pretty it was.


Sarah said...

Ok, so I think I'm all caught up reading about your adventures!

Wow, a glass bottom boat! Bet you can you guess what my first thought was while watching the video... rhymes with "marks," has rows of sharp teeth, and if I'd have been there would have been bashing the glass to get at me...(te he)

Anyway so glad you found a place to dance, you wouldn't want all your new found rhythm to go to waste!! I wish I could come with you, hopefully they have them up here in the "51st" state of the USA! It should be a great time and a great chance to make some more friends since the karoke house was a no go(te he)! Did you bring your boots?

Anyway love you and miss you... keep blogging it feels like a carpool story session... I'm loving it!

Edith/URL said...

Thanks for the pictures of the beautiful clear, blue Pacific Ocean. Of course, it's great to see you all in pictures too. You need pictures for your memory books.

Cheryl said...

I love all the pics! What fun! You'll definitely have to tell me about the country dancing. Class starts again on the 1st. I'll let you know how it goes! Love you and miss you tons!