Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I think I'm funny...

So Adrienne and I have been laughing for the last 6 weeks over who knows what but our latest escapade apparently is going to be the death of her...now who's the drama queen? huh? yea, no comment! Ok, we have a habit of talking every night in one of our rooms, usually mine because I'm trying to go to bed and Adrienne sits on my bed prohibiting my sleeping. Anyway, so I come out of the bathroom one night and check her room to say goodnight and no Adrienne, lights are off in the living room, go into my room and see a lump under my covers. I giggle and giggle and the lump is giggling and the whole thing was super funny. Anyway, so I decide to be the lump under the covers while she was in the bathroom. I'm peaking out from under the covers and she doesn't seem to see me, so I'm trying desperately not to laugh, so the lump is now shaking, STILL not noticed...several more moments pass, she puts away some things in a drawer, puts her ipod away and she grabs her cup off the floor and screams a bloodcurdling scream, jumping around and everything - you'd think I was a giant beetle or something. Anyway, I giggle and she's lying on the kitchen floor having a small heart attack the whole thing was HYSTERICAL and I loved it! Today was raining buckets and buckets, and then nothing and then MORE buckets! The whole day seemed SO long - but hopefully the kids settle down soon :) The raincoats came out - Adrienne decided to wear a skirt and she almost decided to pass on the raincoat...she wasn't excited about the combo - too cute!

We also went to Camp Foster with Lori (she had a rain disaster in her room with ruined carpets) we went with her to get a new rug!
Rachel and I were taking a carpet carrying break :)
I got a class picture finally! It took 3 tries with the timer but success!
So I found a mattress that I want to take home, not that I have room for it - but it made me miss my bed at home SO much - I made the girls try it out too :)
We all managed to get in our tiny car with 2 rugs (oh and I'm supposed to mention that Adrienne is less then 6 feet tall - she is shorter then the 6 foot carpet) and 4 people...it was very clown car - I was amused :)


Aimee said...

You only think you are funny? I can honestly say you are hilarious! I love you, and it looks like you had a really fun day buying all the stuff for your apartment.

Cheryl said...

How fun. I can only imagine the clown car! I love the rain coats and your class pic looks like you could be here in San Gabriel!