Friday, September 26, 2008

BUGS! and other fun things

This week has been rather quiet - got a fun package from the Yamada's (thank you!) - Adrienne and I went on a walk at the beach on Thursday - got caught in the rain, did a little browsing...found a store that's Pier 1 Style, but affordable...might need to marry a military man so I can ship unlimited weight home ;) Anyway, we were sitting with our ice cream and root beer float respectively and we are watching these people take pictures...HAD to recreate the moment for you - Adrienne was a little embarrassed, but we laughed SO hard through the whole thing - so worth it!!

We had Izzie and Carolyn over so that Lori and Daniel could get ready for Powerhouse (church fellowship, potluck, mini Bible study time) We watched part of Ratatouille while eating popcorn (thanks to those of you who sent some!! YUM!) Played part of a game of monopoly before the girls decided our rooms were more fun...

When we went to go on base with them later they decided to amuse themselves on the chairs...yea, they really like "falling" behind the seats :) Powerhouse was nice, everyone very friendly and a good time of fellowship - very peaceful and kick back - nice to be out of the wood box but not BUSY!
Ok, the long awaited Japan last week when we got the pretty glass Adrienne won a special friend during the hat toss...they got engaged this week with this LOVELY ring we found
Here's their engagement picture - it's not the best picture of him, but it gives you the idea - I had him censored for awhile, but we needed a real picture with his new fiance :)
We've been learning about animals in science this week so we made marshmallow insects to help us remember the 3 parts of the insects as well as the 6 legs, 2 antennae - we had a great time

Risa, Ayaka, and Alyssa with their finished bugs
Dennis, Serina, Kiana, Kyle, and Ryuki
Mana, Nathan, Kai, Shuan, and Kristopher
Kounoske, Banri, Mai, Lauren, and Milena
YEA, this was the real bug that came to visit on Friday - I touched it just for the record! Apparently these are quite expensive here - not sure why, but it's considered a pet, pretty sure Adrienne won't be allowing one here!
My kids hard at work making their insects!!

We had some flying Q-tips (AKA legs and antennae) it was pretty funny to watch
Such concentration!

Another week finished, overall ok - a quiet restful day today, bug bombing, Starbucks (we're using our free coupon so we're out of the house long enough for our bug bomb to work!), and church tomorrow and the Rose Garden of course!! They have mugs, Adrienne and I have joked we're going to have to buy one before we come home :) Finished my fifth book so far, well on my way with number 6! Oh, we also may have figured out why our stuff wasn't getting clean - we apparently need to use heavy soil setting ALL the time...gross - oh well, at least our towels don't have such a smell now - GROSS! OOOOHHHH, we're taking stuff to the laundry mat to dry today also...good times all around (have I mentioned I miss being able to dry my clothes?)


Aimee said...

Your kids are SO cute!!! And that bug...ummm, I don't even know which end was its head! I vote yes, you should definitely keep that thing as a pet. You have been wanting a pet lately!

Edith/URL said...

Your students really enjoyed making their insects. Do they actually remain in their chairs and work? Don't you have any that automatically fall out of the chairs? Seriously, they're so cute and proud of their creations.