Wednesday, September 3, 2008

All here and accounted for

My last student is finally here so all 18 of us are here and puttering away...slowly. We seem t be finding our groove for the most part and I'm liking being busy - makes the time go quickly and it's nice to have less time to miss people :) We actually have weekend plans...a 4 year old birthday party (it's on base and we're having pizza...very exciting!!! I miss pizza) and we've been invited to Okiluau (Okinawan style luau...apparently the military are into themed get togethers)...should be an experience and a music, food, sounds fun to me! Adrienne and I went to church last night and decided we really like it - feels like home...good people, super friendly, and just an environment that is predictable and stable. With all the crazy feelings running around inside it's nice to find a place that feels safe...I'm extremely thankful for that! It's been interesting putting together my devotion for Monday (yikes, not looking forward to doing that once a month!) I've been recieving lots of verses from all of I've started putting them all in one place and have found that they tie together very nicely with how I've been feeling...that said thanks for the verses, I'm finding them very encouraging! On another note (most of you will find this amusing) Adrienne and I have been fascinated watching politics from the outside view - crazy times for our country! Not much else running around in my head right now - typing during lunch time while my kids are having some free time...makes me miss having a yard aide...or a lunch table...or a playground...ok, so I miss a lot of things, including all of you! Have a great day!!


Aimee said...

I am glad your class is all accounted for. Its nice to know everybody, now you can really get rolling.
i miss you. You will do great on your devotional. I will be happy when this week is over so that life calms down a bit!! I love you!

Adrienne said...

oh my gosh! I can't beleive you're in Japan. how is it? are you just loving the food? :) hahaha i hear your japanmate is simply hilarious! isn't she the greatest?? lol hope you like the love i'm sending for your blog!